10 up to date Exciting Facts About The Blue-Eyed Criminal Jeremy Meeks


While women around the world might have been dreaming of reforming Jeremy – some lucky lady has already done it. According to his mum Katherine, Jeremy turned his back on a life of crime when he met his wife. She told the Daily Mail: “He got away from the gangs when he met his wife and they got married six years ago.

“He moved. He started a family. This is a nightmare for him. He doesn’t want any of this. He is having a hard time in jail. He told me today was the first time he woke up without crying.”

His wife, who has managed to stay anonymous is a nurse and feared losing her job after he was arrested. “She’s the main breadwinner,” Katherine continued. “She has trained for five years to get this job. She just wants him back. She knows he’s innocent. But she’s worried this could lose her job.

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